Sending a warm welcome, we are Hayley & Steve, and together, we live on a traditional, working hill farm, nestled within the heart of Dartmoor, an area known for its outstanding, natural beauty. The farm runs sheep, cattle & ponies, hence, the family run 4 commons on the moor, contributing with the grazing and management of the land.


On the hills, you will see the famously marked, Cheviots and Black Scotchfaces, with their red shoulders and blue rumps, the gallant looking Galloways and established herds of Dartmoor Ponies, of which, Steve will be the 6th generation to take on the family’s herd.

We also have an 80 strong, registered flock of Greyface Dartmoor sheep, a native breed to the area, of which we are very keen to keep going.

In country, we also run a commercial flock of Mules, Suffolk Mules and Swaledales, as well as a strong herd of South Devon cattle.

Dartmoor is such a beautiful place, with idyllic scenery and so much to explore, we are ever grateful to be able to call it home, and for being so, we felt that it was the perfect spot to create a glamping experience to share with others.

This is a new journey for us, one that we hope will leave you with beautiful memories, and wanting to return over and over, to create lasting experiences and to continue exploring all that Dartmoor has to offer.

A stay in our shepherd’s hut, will provide you with a luxurious getaway retreat, in the most charming location. Our hut is equipped to the highest standards, with your needs and home comforts at heart, including a luxurious, king sized bed and en-suite facilities, plus a garden area with BBQ and firepit.



Our Aim

We want to make sure that you have an incredible experience, so we promise you the following:-

– We endeavour to provide excellent customer service, therefore we will always try and go the extra mile, to ensure your experience is as wonderful as possible.
– If you come and stay with us, we will do our very best to make sure that you have a great time.
– If you need assistance and we can help, we will. If you have any problems, we will do our best to solve them.

We'd love to hear your idea's and feedback - if there are any extra's you would like to see in our hut, please do email us via our contact page. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


You may have in fact, seen the farm featured on Channel 4's, popular Devon & Cornwall Series. We were followed in series 1, gathering the cattle to come in for TB testing, also gathering the ponies for the traditional pony sale, series 2 saw us bringing in and prepping the hill sheep for shearing and gearing up for the main event, The Dartmoor Charity Speed Shear, held here on the farm, and lastly the Christmas Special, we were followed completing the build of the new shed, ready to bring the cattle in for winter.

You may wish to keep your eyes peeled for the next series, featuring the journey of building our Shepherd's Hut...we can't wait for you all to see it.

If you have missed out on all the above...Devon and Cornwall is definitely worth a watch, you can watch on catch up, you will not be disappointed.

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